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Our High Density Adiabatic systems utilize cutting edge technology and smart monitoring to deliver peak performance at an affordable cost.


Güntner’s ADC HD can be used either wet or dry. Both modes offer excellent dry cooler performance with a small footprint and low operating costs.

Our experts will configure the ADC HD specifically for your application and customize it for use in your system, optimally dimensioning the dry coolers and minimising the cost of operating the entire system. 


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Efficiency Mode

Our hydroBLU™ system includes an integrated cost management function, which continually decides whether applying water or changing the speed represents the more cost-saving and efficient mode of operation. To this end, the water quantity is constantly recorded in this system.

Compact and Powerful

  • Maximum thermal performance with a small footprint

  • Very large heat exchanger surface over the entire height of the unit

  • Use of high-performance super low noise fans

Numerous Possible Combinations

  • Various combinations of materials

  • Configurable tube materials and geometries

  • Various tube circuitry options

  • Various fin spacings possible

Everything Under Control

  • Intelligent hydroBLU™ controller regulates fan speed and humidification

  • Large display for operation and visualization

  •  Very low energy consumption thanks to the use of highly efficient EC fan motors

  • Very low water consumption thanks to a high dry/wet switch point

  • hydroBLU™ water metering control measures humidity and fan speed to use only as much water as needed to meet process temperature

Highly Efficient Humidification System

  • Robust and cost efficient humidification pad

  • Humidification pad is close to coil along full surface area providing maximum and uniform cooling

  • No spraying on coil

  • Unlimited wetting duration

  • No water recirculation

  • No water treatment required

Perfect Adjustment, Easy Bringing-in Procedure

  • Ideal dimensions: units ship in two pieces and stacked on site

  • Torsion-resistant construction

  • Factory-fitted transport lugs

  • Simple crane transport without lifting beam

Hygienic Operation

  • Automatic draining of the adiabatic system

  • Dry heat exchanger

  • No aerosol emissions

  • Plume-free

  • Filtering effect of the pads protects          heat exchangers

Pre-cooling Boosts Performance

  • Fluid cooling to below the ambient temperature is possible

  • For high outdoor temperatures or heavy system loads

  • Without direct wetting of the heat exchangers

  • Energy can be dissipated by convection

Active System Monitoring

The smart hydroBLU™ control unit continuously  records the amount of water applied, the speed of the fans and the state of the ambient air, reducing operating costs without any loss of performance.

Easy Inspections, Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Inspection doors ensure easy accessibility

  • Easy to clean thanks to robust materials and clever design

  • Spare parts available quickly anywhere in the world

  • Optional OSHA platform available for easy fan access

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Safe and Hygienic Operation

The clever design of the ADC High Density takes into account the recognized technical rules when it comes to the hygienic operation of evaporative cooling systems. The pre-cooling unit with humidification fluid is completely separate from the heat exchanger. 
The humidification controller supplies the easily replaceable humidification pads only with the amount of water needed depending on the particular situation. This minimizes water consumption and prevents standing water. In the event of inactivity, the pre-cooling unit is automatically drained. The factory-fitted feed water line can also be drained or ventilated via the unit.
Güntner offers its customers added value on three levels: expert advice over the entire life cycle of units, safety thanks to carefully constructed units equipped with suitable control systems and certified employees.

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Simple Inspection and Maintenance

Our High Density ADC is easy to maintain and work on. 
Spare parts are available anywhere in the world, anour service staff can assist you with all work which is necessary over the entire life cycle – from commissioning to disassembly.

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