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  • Factory fitted rigging lugs allow for positioning directly from truck.

  • Space saving construction with increased thermal capacity

  • Floating Coil Design

  • Reliable High Quality EC Fan Motors



Adiabatic Cooling Systems

  • Combines the reliability and ease of use of our dry cooler with an intelligent adiabatic cooling system.

  • This mix of wet and dry operation offers our customer the best of both worlds.


High Density Adiabatic Drycooler

  • Two-Peice Modular Construction for Easy Trasnport and Installation 

  • 3,000-10,500 MBH Capacity

  • Ideal for High-Power Applications

  • Minimal Footprint and High Swicth Point for Cost Savings

  • Low Energy Consumption with Highly Efficient EC Fan Motors


  • Lower weight - higher rigidity

  • Minimal flexing during rigging

  • Reduced assembly torsion

  • Less roof load due to reduced unit weight

  • High operational reliability and enhanced leakage protection

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