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Mixing intelligent adiabatic cooling with the reliability and ease-of-use of a standard dry cooler, our wet or dry operating system offers incredible cooling and efficiency, with a minimal footprint.


Adiabatic Pre-Cooling for Greater Efficiency

At peak ambient temperatures, our wet pad systems pre-cool the air without aerosol formation and without applying water to the finned surface. The pre-cooling process significantly increases the thermal efficiency of the cooler or condenser with minimal water usage, lowering the total cost of ownership.

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Less Water, Less Waste

Unlike typical cooling towers or evaporative condensers, which use water throughout the year, our adiabatic systems only use water at peak ambient conditions, significantly reducing water usage, treatment chemicals, sewage, and the cost associated with each. The reduction in compressor energy usage also permits higher COP’s, with a significantly reduced footprint.


Wet or Dry Operation

Our adiabatic cooling system can be operated either wet or dry, and can be configured to the specific condition of each job site to optimize performance.

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  • Various combinations of materials

  • Configurable tube materials and geometries

  • Various tubeside circuit options

  • Various fin spacings

  • Capacity range from 5- 400 tons

  • Multitude of sizes to match application

Fully Adaptable

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Intelligent Control

- Water conserved by volume control

- Very low energy consumption using Electronically Commutated fans

- Very low water consumption using dry/wet switchover

Optimal Adiabatic Cooling

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- Maximum adiabatic efficiency

- Plume-free

- No water circulation, no spraying, no aerosol output

- Automatic draining

- Dry cooling coil

- No water treatment required

Multifunctional Pads

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- Easily removed for dry operation

- Reliable adiabatic delivery system

- Protects coil from dirt and debris

- High level of static stability

Easy Installation

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- Easily accessible lifting lugs

- Optimal distribution of forces

- Rigid structure, resistant to deflection

High Power Density

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- V construction

- Optimized shipping dimensions

- Maintenance free motors

- Easy access for cleaning

- Easily removable pads

Wet/ Dry Operation

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- When dry, operates like a conventional finned dry cooler or condenser

- Energy dissipated via convection

- Wetted for high external temperatures or higher cooling loads

- Adiabaticallly cooled before the energy is dissipated by convection

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