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Adiabatic Dry Coolers
At peak ambient temperatures, the air entering the finned heat exchanger is pre-cooled by wetted cooling pads to a temperature approaching the wet bulb temperature, without aerosol formation and without applying water to the finned surface. The pre-cooling process maintains the required leaving fluid temperatures or condensing temperatures at peak ambient conditions. The adiabatic process significantly increases the thermal efficiency of the cooler or condenser with minimal water usage.
The increased thermal performance at peak ambient conditions lowers the total cost of ownership. The reduction in compressor energy usage permits higher COP’s, with a significantly reduced footprint.
Cooling towers or evaporative condensers use water as the evaporative cooling source throughout the year. The adiabatic alternative only uses water at peak ambient conditions thereby significantly reducing water usage, water treatment, chemicals, sewage and the costs associated with each.

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